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Claire Yossman; the wedding planner who works between London and Provence

Claire Yossman shares her love for Provence with clients from all over the world who decide to get married in the South of France. The Founder of “My Wedding in Provence” engages with leading local providers like Entre Amis Traiteur. She is passionate about the region and its culture.

The London adventure

A Marseille town native, who graduated from Kedge Business School with two masters one in HR and one in economics, Claire Yossman undertook several senior executive roles in France before realizing she wanted significantly more independence in her career. The future wedding planner, Claire, decides to cross the Channel, with her suitcase and dreams at hand. It is only during her stay in London where she finds her true calling, meeting her husband Daniel, an English native. It is at this moment of time, when Claire decides to plan her own wedding, where the journey really begins!

Wedding planner - Château de RobernierWedding planner for her own wedding!

I spent one year to organize my wedding, in all the smallest details“, remembers Claire Yossman. The wedding takes place in a Charming 18thCentury Mas in Provence! Claire takes pleasure in planning, to imagine all the steps of her event, thinking about all the little things that make a difference. And on the D-Day, the guests are filled with happiness, and the feedback is more than positive. “But just after my own wedding, I had the wedding blues!She smiles. I really realized that’s what I wanted to do more than corporates events. That it matches with what I enjoy: organization, contact with other people, business. And of course, the feeling to be useful and make my brides and grooms happy”.It is thus quite natural that Claire became a wedding planner and created her agency “My wedding in Provence”.

« My wedding in Provence »: the agency who takes control of everything

wedding planner - Château de RobernierClaire Yossman starting with creating her website, business cards, digital marketing strategy and it was not long before the wedding calendar started to become full.  With one real advantage: she knows all about the region, recommending the most beautiful venues and the best providers (caterers, florists, DJs, etc). She supports her brides and grooms with care, professionalism, availability and serenity. To better serve her clients, Claire lives in Provence 3 months per year, from June to September. She resides in Maussane-les-Alpilles, where she organizes some venues visits during the week and manages weddings in the week-end. “I work while enjoying the quality of life Provence has to offer” says Claire. The perfect balance! However, maybe I spend too much time working in my family and friends opinion! My phone is always with me!


Southern region ambassador

My clients contact me from all over the world to get married in the South of France. “Provence, is the new Tuscany!” says Claire. More accessible, better served by transports, it is such a nice setting to have a wedding celebration. Luberon, Alpilles and Varois are her client’s favorites. “Here, we stunning landscapes with olive trees, lavender fields, vineyards.. The light is also something very special and it’s not a coincidence if it inspired painters like Matisse, Van Gogh.. It will make the wedding pictures look incredible! Says Claire. It’s the authenticity of Provence, French gastronomy and the sweetness of life my clients come to find here”. The wedding planner doesn’t hesitate to showcase the best of the region to her clients and their guests so they live an unforgettable moment. The wedding favors are often honeypots and olive oil and the smell of lavender fills the air. Wine or olive oil tasting are a few of the activities she offers her clients to experience during their stay.

Wedding planner - Château de Robernier

Sensitive clients care about French gastronomy

In the opinion of a London wedding planner, choosing Provence for a wedding has a lot to do with the French gastronomy. “French gastronomy has a chic and qualitative image, associated with a high-quality service” says Claire Yossman. And if “My wedding in Provence” works with Entre Amis Traiteur over the years, this is not coincidence. “Entre Amis menu has an incredible menu and the quality of the food is amazing” says the wedding planner who values Entre-amis high service standards, availability, flexibility and team work. l If Entre Amis make the difference, it is also because of their eco-responsible approach, organic and local. “Clients who come to get married in Provence want to taste good local products”, says Claire Yossman. The willingness of Entre Amis to limit their environment impact also makes sense, without ever compromising on quality”.

Wedding Planner - Pièce montée

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