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Gala lunch

A Gala is always a waited and prestigious event. Entre Amis offer a high-end performance for a successful party. 

Gala, standing and Entre Amis

A Gala is a party who requires much preparation to offer unforgettable moments. There are many forms. Let it be a year-end gala or charity gala, everyone gets dressed up to the nines, be ready for a memorable evening. The meal must be at the image of your event. It’s why Entre Amis offers a customized benefit, to fulfil your desires. You tell us about your needs and our expertise we allow us to guide you and to advise development of your menu. 

Entre Amis - Repas de Gala
Entre Amis - Plat pour un repas de Gala

The quality is a key success for you Gala

“Faire repas de gala” is a French expression used mean that ate very well. It is exactly Entre Amis’s goal for whom the products quality and the cooking techniques are essential. To deliver a high-level service live up to customers’ expectations, the expert Entre Amis puts their unique knowledge to its service. Our ingredients are meticulously prepared and chooses for their high quality and their origin. Entre Amis is a partner of choice to delight the taste buds.

A customized catering performance for you gala

When you invest in this event, we want everything to be perfect. The meal is a crucial element who require a lengthy preparation upstream. Entre Amis support you and develop with you a decent meal for you Gala. A customized meal will suit you to the perfection and will know dissociate of other performances. We will assure a quality service for once on site you are only thinking about enjoying your day. Entre Amis Catering issues also performances for your wedding, birthday, christening, private party, buffets, cocktails and seminars.

Entre Amis - Dessert pour repas de Gala