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Mas des Comtes de Provence, a 4 stars venue!

Urs Glauser and Bujar Marinaj who lead the venue Le Mas des Comtes de Provence in Tarascon post a solid experience about high end hotel and gastronomy. Not surprising that get along well with Entre Amis Traiteur who regularly realize weddings.

Mas des comtes - site de réception

The story of love

The story of Mas des Comtes de Provence, before he became a famous venue, is firstly a crush for southern land. Urs Glauser has many experiences in hospitality industry high end catering in Swiss renowned institutions. Bujar Marinaj has, also, work for 20 years as Maitre d’Hotel for renowed institutions. In 2016 the 2 associates went in search of a venue for a new professional adventure, they don’t delay turned in the South. “We search in Avignon, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Isle sur la Sorgue, says Bujar Marinaj. Provence was for us the perfect place for climate and good products”. It will be finally close to Tarascon, near to Alpilles. “When we visit the venue, we have immediately seen a real potential”.

A venue charged of history

It must be said that the venue has to seduce these two lovers of beautiful stone and heritage. Old charming hunting King René in the 15th century, it was also a second home for a pope of Avignon and regularly host prestigious guests. A venue rich in history! Some works and changes later and le Mas des Comtes de Provence open in a new light. He is classified a four-star hotel immediately and became a high-end venue. They host their first client in 2017. Over ten events were organized in that year. The number has constantly increased: 15 events in 2018, 25 in 2019. 2020 and 2021 calendars start to fill up.

site de réception en provence

A venue with multiple advantage

When Bujar mentions the events realize in Mas des Comtes de Provence, it is essentially about weddings. This venue doesn’t missed advantage. First, the charming property with luminous stones and warm colors. And also, 2 hectares park with flowers, where the bride and groom could organize their non-denominational ceremony. And do the photo shoot amongst lavender (when flowering is in full swing!) and olive tree. The swimming pool, the barn, the site’s yard, are possibilities for the cocktail, diner and brunch. Other spaces: “Night club” to extend the fiesta into the early morning. “We have recently arranged an indoor room for a second plan if the weather is bad”, says Bujar Marinaj. A real advantage! Not forgetting, the reception capacity of the venue: a forty people could stay for sleep.

 A foreign clientele conquered by the Provence

With Urs,we speak 10 languages!”, says Bujar. Not surprising, that the clientele is essentially foreign. From Switzerland, England, Germany, United States, Canada, Singapore, the bridegrooms want their wedding in Provence. “Here, we could offer a postal card to the future bridegrooms and our client are looking for a true trip in Provence” says Bujar.

mas des comtes - site de réception

« Entre Amis Traiteur is in our short list! »

 Urs, Bujar and Entre Amis Traiteur converge on the same fundamentals. « With the quality of the service and client support, their serious, their organization and high-end gastronomy, Entre Amis Traiteur is on our short list”, says Bujar Marinaj.Our approach for organic product reinforce their mind. « We are quite happy with their approach because we have the same frame of mind. We demand a lot to our provider and Entre Amis fulfils all our requirements. Above all, they change anything!”.