• Entre Amis - bocaux pour réception privée

Privation reception

Celebrate a promotion, his 20-year marriage, spring… There is several good reasons for celebration.

Entre Amis the ideal partnership for your private reception

You wish to celebrate a unique moment of your life and brings people together around a party. Entre Amis is the catering that you need. Dresser by the sea or on the Seine, meals in the air or underground, with us everything is possible. You think about your desires menus and we realize it. Professional catering, we elaborate your meal in the respect of your identity and with a quality service. 

Entre Amis - Dessert pour réception privée
Entre Amis - Plat au saumon pour réception privée

A personalized event

Private events require to be minimized personalized. That is why Entre Amis leave you to decide, 

A menu can reflect your personality until foods colors and presentation. We take seriously this part of thinking in order to serve you at best the D-day. You can choose also a theme. For example, for a transfer in Bretagne, you can do a reception highlighting sea. Your menu highlighted the dishes from sea or Breton tradition. All your ideas are possible, and Entre Amis assure you a professional realization and specific with only limit your imagination.

A perfect D-day

For Entre Amis a successful D-day is a day where you take the benefited, and where all your guests have a good time and had been regaled. We take care of the entire service to assure a flawless experience. You will forget the organization to taking full advantage of your reception, to keep the best memories.  

Entre Amis - Réception privée