• Entre Amis - Le chef

The chef

If his heart is now beating in the South where he cooks Mediterranean flavor, Julien Pilati lived his strongest gustative emotion east.

The gourmet cuisine, a family story

The story of Entre Amis Catering’s Chef written first in gastronomic restaurant kitchen of his parents where he initiated very young of exception products of Champagne land.

From here, born simultaneously his love of regional product whose parents love and his taste exacting know-how which they initiate him. 

Julien Pilati can also count on his oncle Joseph Pilati’s experience who in the 1970s lait the Pilati’s House, Relais Desserts in Roanne, run today by Dominique, his son. Both, taught to Julien Pilati art of sweet, iced and chocolate foods.

Entre Amis - Gâteau
Entre Amis - la gastronomie une histoire familiale

Entre Amis - une cuisine raffinée et délicate
Entre Amis - Une cuisine gouteuse

A star-studded caterer

Trained in family, Julien Pilati want to see bigger and goes up to achieve stars on the side of starred chefs who have favors of Michelin Guide :

  • Les Berceaux in Eoernay
  • L’Assiette Champenoise (3 stars)
  • Hélène Darroze (2 stars)
  • Michel Sarran (2 stars)
  • Reine Sammut (1 star)
  • “Les Jardins de la Medina in Marrakech”…

His collaborations with Potel and Chabot and Grimm caterer (Both France caterer) confirms his high quality taste dishes.

A sensorial cooking

Over the years to mix with greater which works excellence of a Chef, then becoming caterer, Julien Pilati imagined personal, sophisticated and delicate cooking, knowing how to conserve brute products footprint by inventing original wedding culinary subtlety.

This essential cooking, good and lovely, gastronomic and tasty, the caterer declines in a tasty creative swirl on sunny ad Mediterranean menu. A carte dishes inspired of Provence where Julien Pilati draw the best to propose to his guests. 

Entre Amis - Une cuisine sensorielle