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How we change to organic products under two years

In Entre Amis Traiteur, the bio approach has been engaged for the last one year. Julien Pilati, chef and executive director answered a few questions about what motivates him and his team to propose quality products.

A meeting with a local producer

It all started in 2018 around a tomato. Bio, of course. Julien Pilati discovers this product from Mohamed Benali, des jardins de Prévot, located in l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgues in Vaucluse. An immediate crush between two lovers of good products that will quickly mushroomed. “Mohamed has been working on a transition to a sustainable agriculture when I meet him, and I have given my commitment to take fresh products regularly to support him in his approach”, explain Julien Pilati. Bio idea through his head for several years. “Since I have children, he added. I take care of what I give them, and it’s pushed to move toward bio”. Les Jardins de Prévot, who provide starred restaurants in Provence, became the official fruits and vegetables producers in 2018.

Organic, seasonal and short cycle products

White and purple eggplants, zucchini and zucchini flower, carrots, melons, strawberries, aromatic herbs (parsley, coriander, chives, chervil) … invite themselves in the Entre Amis Traiteur’ client’s plates. The same year, the kitchen team incorporate bio eggs. Our objective has always been clear: to propose organic, seasonal and short cycle products. “Our approach allows to support local economy, tell Julien Pilati. From grower to the plate, for us this is not only a slogan! We have a real willingness to get back to what is really important. It doesn’t interest me to bring bio from Pérou, I want a real relationship with producers”.

Team mobilized to work on bio

jeunes pousses-bio-entre amis traiteur

The story between Entre Amis and organic product, writing in kitchen where the team is fully invested and share the chef spirit.
Everyone plays the game to find new suppliers, adapt to delivery methods, have flexibility and reactivity needed. “There is sometimes risk working in short circuit: some products we need could be unavailable or not identical at the command, tell Julien Pilati. There is a need to explain to the clients he could eat a green zucchini during his tasting, but the zucchini would be finally yellow because it’s the moment product”. Our clients show up particularly receptive. “Our clients are expert, gastronome, and want to discover a fine and authentic dining. With bio products, we can do a multitude of creation playing with textures, cookings, flavouring”. With many ideas: honor the product, magnify and surprise the guests.



Objective 100% bio in 2020

If bio fruits & vegetables and organic eggs are used in Entre Amis Traiteur cooking in 2018, new products are coming in 2019. The cream and the grocery are now bio, as flour. “I am very happy that we have found an organic mill in Bouches-du-Rhône”, tell the Chef. Some fish provided to clients, as salmon, are already used in our kitchen. As well as Mediterranean savage fishes from Les Pêcheries de Menton, member of France culinary college. Les Pêcheries de Menton provide a lot of starred restaurants. Also, all our meats are French origin and labels of excellence, Entre Amis is committed to find bio producers for the beef, lamb, pork and calf. Last step to achieve 100% bio!

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