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In Provence

Our catering and cooking are anchored in this region: Provence. We are working to offer you the best through footprint regional products. Choose with high attention in Vaucluse and also the entire Mediterranean region, they are the fruit of work passionate producers who share our authenticity and maturity taste. Anxious to preserve this unique environment, we have adopted an eco-responsible approach reflected by a set of action limiting our carbon footprint.

Entre Amis - en Provence Julien Pilati

Exceptional terroir

Provence has been the dream beyond his territory. His cooking, benefits and tasty are recognized all over the world. About quality of his territory, is no being debated. Because as a caterer in Provence, we are fortunate to be working in this land blessed by God, we like share what wealth: products, fruits, vegetables, meats, cereals and fishes; exception varieties of this Rhone valley unique but also sublime places and out of time, genuine jewel cases to host any reception. 

Entre Amis - En Provence producteurs passionnés

Our passionate producers

Desire to offer at our guests a very good quality product, means by careful selection of products who compose our cuisine. Our chefs created close ties with local producers to supply directly alongside enthusiasts who grow according to reasoned and respectful methods. For a caterer in Provence, guarantee to propose the best and promote their work. 

Entre Amis - démarche Eco responsable plat

Our eco-responsible approach

We could not prevail be a caterer in Provence, committed for his territory and actors, without adopt respectful practices. Make a choice to supply locally favor short circuits contribute to limit our environmental footprint. Our eco-responsible approach is translating by limitation of printing paper and employment of plastic materials for the benefit of recyclable materials.