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When good and beautiful marry without artifice, the taste is always there.

Excellence in simplicity

Our cooking is whole turned toward the product. The respect, it is you to make it appreciate. That is why in Entre Amis Catering, everything is homemade in order to guarantee the dishes of high quality to preserved and magnified flavors. Only for us the desire counts for making you find the true taste of a ripe vegetable gorged with sun, of a greedy fruit or light and air cake. This excellence in simplicity leaves you a new sensorial print.

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Entre Amis - le fait maison hautement qualitatif

Entre Amis - pains spéciaux

To do an excellent gastronomic menu without tricks

In Entre Amis Catering, we believe to appreciate you Mediterranean and South of France products, transformation and tricks should be avoided. The decision to make hand-made food, that this achieves a reduction of salt and stop using animal fat. We replace it by vegetal cream healthier and more lightweight. We also limit industrial sugar in our pastries. Rest assured that excellent quality and taste will be achieved every time without tricks.

A high-tech kitchen for a full control

To offer hand-made to its customers, Entre Amis Catering has best equipment production laboratory. Modern and high tech allow to perfectly control all preparation procedure steps for appetizers for the cocktail time, starter smaller, starters, mains, desserts and special bread! In our laboratory, real creative space, chefs can steam or vacuum steam, fry, roast and chose the most appropriate mode for each product. This precisely cooking is relying on chefs know-how manage with high attention for each steps. The purpose: make homemade highly qualitative revealing optimally all the flavor of the product.

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