• Entre Amis - L'esprit de Entre Amis

The spirit

Julien Pilati and his team have a currency “Pour faire du bon, il faut du très bon” 

A kitchen of essence

The cooking heart in Entre Amis Catering, sunny and tasty, beats in the South. A gastronomic cooking and Mediterranean focus on the essential: the product. Quality, lightness, naturalness: 3 essential ingredients to disclose flavor and tastes without doing too much. This simplicity in our achievements ensure a new culinary experience.

Entre Amis - la simplicité dans les créations
Entre Amis - une cuisine de l'essentiel
Entre Amis - plat d'excellence
Entre Amis - produits d'excellence

Dishes disclose footprint of products

To compose our dishes, our vegetables are gorged with sun from Provence, our freshly caught fishes in Mediterranean and our meats from prestigious farms with AOC and labels. With expertise and techniques developed, Chefs from Entre Amis Traiteur opt for culinary processes friendliest for his excellence products. Cookings disclose the best in preserving tastes and textures for freshness and optimal quality. This desire to offer original flavor but sublimate is dictating our cooking. 

To propose the best

Julien Pilati and his team have a currency “Pour faire du bon, il faut du très bon” to do an excellent gastronomic menu for your wedding. Entre Amis Catering works only with 100% French and season products. Our Chefs test, try, select rigorously natural and quality products to focus on short circuits and proximity farms, particularly in Provence.  To propose the best in our exigence, by 2020, full of the product cooked by Entre Amis Catering will be biological origin. This desire to propose the best, we find it in our pastry. By producing ourselves every puddings, we guarantee to find the goodness of seasonal fruit, cream lightness, the intensity of chocolate. Less sugar, no additives, and only vegetal creams: preparation of our pies, dessert, cakes answer all the requirements for light weight and quality for the high-end patisserie. 

Entre Amis - haute pâtisserie