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The wedding

Entre Amis Catering, specialist of wedding in Provence, deploy according to your needs and your desires in all the South of France. Attentive listening and adapted advice allow to our team to design with our clients, a reception that resembles them. Each stage of the wedding is thought like an appointment, guarantee of quality and gustatory emotions. The cocktail sound like the first gustatory emotions. The meal is declined then like a creative swirl while brunch and garden party are brackets privileged to share pretty moments with its guests.

Entre Amis - le champagne

The cocktail

Because the cocktail is the first culinary step of your reception of wedding, Entre Amis Catering conceives it as one moment which combines sensual pleasure and gustatory pleasure. The cocktail is a real gastronomical festival who invite to discover our exceptional mets accents of Provence than be let surprise by the know-how of chefs who cooks in live front of your guests.

Entre Amis - le repas de mariage

The meal

Entre Amis Catering compose for you a wedding meal as the key pillar of your event. At table, will be declined for your guest tasty dishes and Mediterranean that everyone keeps a lasting sensorial impression of your reception. 

Entre Amis - mariage brunch

Brunch and garden party

The Garden Party, where conviviality, simplicity and good products from Provence invite to a first appointment with your guests, like a culinary welcome the eve of your wedding. Entre Amis Catering propose also a wedding formula organized completely like a Garden Party. 

And for the next day, what better to meet up around a brunch to continue the celebration?

Entre Amis - mariage évènements

Organization and event management

To accompany you simultaneously to conceive a perfect wedding menu but also to organize a successful reception from beginning to end is a core business of Entre Amis Catering. His expert professional team composed in event management is at the disposal to build a personalized ceremony.