• Entre Amis - boissons mariage cocktail

The cocktail

A colourful and gourmet fresco that begins your guests’ culinary experience and sets the gourmet tone of your event.

The wedding cocktails

Because we like to surprise your guests, In Entre Amis Traiteur, we create your cocktail to please your eyes and to delight your taste buds. We take great care with colors vulnerable to envy and gluttony, decorations that we create in harmony with your place of receipt and also presentation.

Entre Amis - plat mariage cocktail
Entre Amis - Mariage Cocktail

Appetizers like miniature dishes

To make a creative, inventive, inspire, and tasty cocktail reception, all of our appetizers are thinking by our chefs like miniature dishes that capture the essence of our cooking: sunny, gastronomic, green and tasty. We choose with caution every component to create delicious combinations of flavors. They find in the wood, glass or porcelain delicate cases to sublime them. Gastronomic pieces made by Entre Amis Traiteur always reveal a unique sensorial footprint.

Let the culinary show begin!

The cocktail reception sound like tasty parenthesis and also a playful moment. We favor the culinary workshops and live-cooking in which our chefs deploy all their knowledge in front of your guests.  Skewers, sardines or magret can be cooked and prepared at the least minute on the plancha for full flavor and freshness. Your cocktail reception become more pleasant with the raw ham or salmon cut under the eyes of your guests or smoked magret in live. Let our chefs do the show, the memory of your guests will be unforgettable!